Heart of Glass Lindy Dale


Published: May 20th 2010


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Heart of Glass  by  Lindy Dale

Heart of Glass by Lindy Dale
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I was sent this by the author to review, these are my own opinions and I have in no way been influenced by anyone.This started off as quite a nice light hearted read. First love between Bella and Ben, lots of obstacles, can their love survive?I have to admit to finding Bella whiny and annoying. She was quite clingy and in some way I did agree with Bens assessment of being a bit of a tease.

Not that I think young girls should be pressured to have sex from the guy, BUT if you dont want to have sex, then I think you have to limit the passion-filled embraces. Especially as teenage boys especially get a bit arsey when they dont get what they want.I didnt like Ben in the beginning for this reason. He kept pressuring her for sex, dropping hints into every conversation. Then when she doesnt go for it, he has sex with one of her friends.Now this is only in the beginning of the story, trust me things improve.I got that Bella went a bit self-destructive, it was obvious that would happen, but I didnt see the drug thing coming and was surprised that she allowed herself to get dragged down into it all.

Especially as it was obvious Mark was a bit of a prat. She became very annoying and self obsessed as well as destructive whereas the little we had from Ben, he seemed to be doing okay.I would have liked to have had some of the story in Bens perspective, to get his view on things, how he felt about certain situations etc.

We only got Bellas views and she was very quick to jump to conclusions etc so we never always had everything explained.Now reading back on this there seems to be more critism in my review so far, and thats not what I intended. Because for all these things, I still really enjoyed this book. After a week with readers block, I picked this up at lunch time today and finished it tonight. I really enjoyed this. Was some very good writing and even though I had trouble with the era of the book (because I was born 1986) it didnt stop my enjoyment of the story.There was also some very good secondary characters of Coops, Prue etc.Also Ben as the male love interest in this was WAY better than the love interest in Perhaps...Perhaps in my opinion :-)

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